6 services you do not know moving company is providing

October 17 2018

When you plan to relocate your office or home, the first question comes to your minds is moving. When how and what, these are the question which attacks your brain. There is no need to worry about this question as your professional moving company is always there for you. You can ask them any problem which comes in your mind. The expert movers have a deal with various moving projects, and they have all the solutions for you. Infect the professional movers you choose for moving have all professional services which you do not know.

1.     Your professional moving company can do unpacking and pack for you

Have you ever spend 4 weeks in packing your fragile, heavy and valuable item by yourself and you are still not satisfied with your packing. Then there is good news for you, STOP, packing because your professional moving company will do this job for you in a professional manner.

  • Professional moving companies like Prime Movers Redondo Beach have the experience and resources to carefully and safely pack your things.
  • While your belongings are in Prime Movers Redondo Beach care, its mean your precious stuff is under cover of insurance policy.
  • You know that unpacking and packing services are affordable and fast.

2.     Safe handling of delicate items.

Your professional moving company also offers a customized packing of your stuff which you want to pack more carefully. You mention them on the item for which you want special handling and packing.  Prime Movers Redondo Beach offer special handling of:

  • antiques
  • art
  • pianos
  • special electronics
  • collections
  • fragile items

3.     Your moving company also provides you the storage solutions!


In some cases, your new house is not ready, and you rent an apartment, rental house its drawback like storage. Your moving company has an answer for all your solutions!

  • A professional moving company like Prime Movers Redondo Beach, they are a partner with local storage services you with best rates on climate controlled and secure storage for the stuff.
  • Prime Movers Redondo Beach also has their secure storage units.
  • To store your belonging offsite from the house or business contact Prime Movers Redondo Beach.

4.     Moving company provides packing supplies which make your moving day simpler

You are planning to do packing by yourself than quality packing material plays the dominant role. But from where you get the top-quality and professional packing materials. Same as always your “professional moving company.”  Yes they provide you the packing material like:

  • moving boxes in all sizes ( cardboard and plastic moving boxes)
  • Many companies offer rental plastic moving boxes.
  • disk pack
  • stretch wraps and bubbles wrap
  • packing tapes
  • wrapping sheets or paper

5.     Echo friendly boxes (only at Prime Movers Redondo Beach)

Your professional movers not only concern about you but also for the enjoinment where you breathe. Many moving companies who offer the environmental moving boxes on your demand and Prime Movers Redondo Beach is one of them. These boxes are cheaper and environmentally friendly too:

  • There are reusable plastic boxes, rental eco boxes so there is no waste of cardboard and no tension of disposing of

6.     Some professional movers do offer an onsite estimation

Providing a free estimation is not a big deal. Providing onsite estimates is  a better option. So that your professional moving company knows about the quantity of stuff, they are moving and packing and give the exact estimation, not a rough estimation.

  • Do ask your professional moving company about the onsite estimation as many companies who are offering these services.

Do you have the moving problem? RELAX! We have the solution for you!

Whatever moving dilemma, give Prime Movers Redondo Beach the call at [number] or email us. Our live representative is always there to help you and provides all the details of our services.

Prime Movers Redondo Beach offers all moving services from packing to unpacking and from loading to unloading at best rates.

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